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Gözütok METAL

GÖZÜTOK; Energy and Stainless Chimney manufacturing and production sector in Turkey and it is one of the first chimney manufacturer. Our company has taken the lead in this sector and made its remarkable place. In Turkey, many institutions and companies have always preferred our firm in chimney systems of public housing. Our company always based on customer satisfaction by using the highest quality materials with the most appropriate price policy. In line with the demands of our customers we produce the products with the latest technologies as well, we serve by renewing the assembled products. In order to make the latest innovations in the sector, Gözütok Metal Industry constantly renews its machinery and makes all the R & D studies necessary to carry the quality of the products to the highest level. We provide the best quality to our customers by competing with the best.

Stainless Chimney

Paslanmaz Baca Çelik Baca Doğalgaz BacasıGÖZÜTOK Stainless chimney systems are used in industrial chimneys and normal chimneys. 316 L quality sheet metal is used for long life and healthy working of chimney modules.

Automation Garbage System

Paslanmaz Çamaşır Şutu ve Çöp ŞutuLaundry and Garbage chutes provide ease of use with special diameters and cover design depending on application areas.

Prismatic Modular Stainless-Steel Water Tanks (P

Modüler Paslanmaz Çelik Su DeposuAs Gözütok, we produce Prismatic Modular Stainless Steel and Stainless Galvanized Water Tank in different sizes starting from 1 Ton to 240 Ton.


Paslanmaz Baca İmalatı

Stainless Chimney

Natural gas or liquid fuel chimneys will meet the heat requirement of the building (kcal / h) by taking the hourly calories of the building according to the height of the building used fuel type and operating mode of the boiler (atmospheric blowing burner, solid fuel counter pressure) calculated according to the calculation methods and specifications of the gas regulation in the region. Production is carried out according to this diameter and single-walled inside the building, double-walled outside the building as the friction speed is minimized. Each stainless chimney must be connected to the drainage drain after installation.
Modüler Paslanmaz Çelik Su Deposu

Prismatic Modular Stainless-Steel Water Tanks (Pr

Stainless Modular water tanks are stainless tanks that allow you to store water in a healthy way. Modular water tanks, which consist of fully bolted construction, do not require welding during installation. It is suitable for both healthy, economical and practical installation compared to the tanks used in welding. Modular high pressure presses with cold forming method is given strength. There is absolutely no risk of explosions made with these panels.
Çöp şutu çamaşır şutu


Laundry and Garbage chutes provide ease of use with special diameters and cover design depending on application areas. In particular, the harmful substances contained in the garbage should be disposed of by spraying the drug. In this way it plays an important role in environmental health by preventing the formation of bad odors and flies; it also puts an end to bad images due to the closed system.

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