Our company develops its products by considering user experiences in this field as well conducting all R & D studies in line with the wishes of our valued customers.

We would like to point out that, the special design we provide in terms of the luxury and reliability that the card reader garbage smash system provides to our valued customers is an R & D study that we attach great importance to your children.

The card reader system is also designed to eliminate the risk by preventing children from opening the garbage can lids and minimizing the exposure to the chimney gap. In addition, in this system, which is a common use, in accordance with the request of the site management of the site residents in terms of protection of each other's rights and neighboring relations in the multi-block sites which system uses the most block which apartment door open-close counter can be seen by paying the fees and site residents who do not pay the dues of the garbage card readers and to protect the rights of paying site residents.

Gözütok Production Management System

Our company has developed an online production management system within its own structure, starting from the offer stage of our customers to the assembly time, the entire process can be easily tracked online workflow to save time and increase work efficiency and speed.
At Gözütok, we take pride in implementing our infrastructure in the fastest and most perfect way to adapt to advancing technology and changing life standards.

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