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As Gözütok, we produce Prismatic Modular Stainless Steel and Stainless Galvanized Water Tank in different sizes starting from 1 Ton to 240 Ton.
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Stainless Steel Modular Water Tank Description

Stainless Modular water tanks are stainless tanks that allow you to store water in a healthy way.
Modular water tanks, which consist of fully bolted construction, do not require welding during installation. It is suitable for both healthy, economical and practical installation compared to the tanks used in welding.
Modular high pressure presses with cold forming method is given strength. There is absolutely no risk of explosions made with these panels.

Why Modular Water Tank?

Modular stainless steel and galvanized steel warehouses produced with changing technology and modernizing public buildings, establishments and residences more efficient, healthier and more elegant appearance do not form algae and rust. The bolt used in the installation of the tank, washer, nut, etc. Made of stainless material.
You can maintain water quality for a long time with its rust and algae retention feature. Because of the ergonomic structure of modular water tanks, it can be easily moved to the place of installation, can be dismantled and installed many times, it can be enlarged and reduced according to need.
Maintenance and repair are easy, if necessary, the desired part can be installed independently of each other. In addition to standard sizes, special sizes can also be produced.


  • Water supply
  • Sediment filter
  • Valve and buoy
  • Solenoid valve (motorized valve) upper level electrode Operated
  • High level electrode: Automatically stops the booster motor when water runs out of the tank.
  • Tank level indicator.
  • Overflow pipe
  • Stairs
  • Storage modules connected to each other with nuts and bolts
  • Interconnected with EPDM rubber seal nut between modules
  • Tank bottom cover with bolt seal
  • Tank relief valve
  • Valve to the warehouse installation
  • U.v. Ultraviolet microbe measuring device
  • Water softening outlet, limescale in water
  • Activated carbon unit: Purifies the body from harmful gases such as chlorine, etc.

All cities in Turkey have our construction and implementation of stainless prismatic modular water tanks.

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