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GÖZÜTOK Stainless chimney systems are used in industrial chimneys and normal chimneys. 316 L quality sheet metal is used for long life and healthy working of chimney modules.
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Description of Stainless Chimney Systems

Natural gas or liquid fuel chimneys will meet the heat requirement of the building (kcal / h) by taking the hourly calories of the building according to the height of the building used fuel type and operating mode of the boiler (atmospheric blowing burner, solid fuel counter pressure) calculated according to the calculation methods and specifications of the gas regulation in the region. Production is carried out according to this diameter and single-walled inside the building, double-walled outside the building as the friction speed is minimized. Each stainless chimney must be connected to the drainage drain after installation.

As a result of condensation formed in stainless chimneys, acidic water (carbonic acid) has a disintegrating feature if it comes out of the chimney, it damages the concrete structure of the building to a great extent. For this, the sealing should be at the lowest level. After the horizontal connection in the chimneys is made from the back of the boiler, it is necessary and obligatory to make the grounding line as in the specifications of EMRA. In this way, the chrome chimney will not cause any harm from natural events such as lightning and will be thrown directly into the ground without touching the fuel.

Steel chimneys Chimneys made of 316 L stainless steel have become compulsory for devices using natural gas by EMRA decisions. The raw material which is cut from stainless chrome rolls into pieces is then subjected to bending and sewing process and connected to each other with muffled transition in order to provide complete sealing.

The material used in steel chimney production is 316 and especially L quality is very important in terms of flexibility and transmittance. In this category, products such as Steel Chimney, Stainless Chimney, Natural Gas Chimney, Natural Gas Boiler Chimney are included. .

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