Tunnel Formwork System

What is Tunnel Formwork System?

It is a method used in construction projects where the wall and slab concrete are poured simultaneously to create a monolithic structure. Tunnel formwork provides fast installation and concrete pouring, shortens the construction period, and offers advantages in terms of prefabrication and dimensional accuracy.

Large Projects in a Short Time

Lower Costs

Dimensional Accuracy

Reliable Construction

Wide Range of Applications

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Combine Speed and Quality.

Gözütok Tunnel Formwork Systems ensure high-quality concrete surfaces. Even in delicate craftsmanship, you can achieve a smooth concrete surface. This eliminates the need for plastering, saving time and costs.

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Long-Term Use.

Another advantage of Gözütok Tunnel Formwork Systems is their cost-effectiveness. The fact that our formwork can be used up to 500 times without maintenance makes the final costs more economical compared to other systems.

Additionally, our system allows prefabrication, enabling the pre-production of complementary structural elements, resulting in time and labor savings.

The Reliable Way of Construction.

Safety is one of the main focal points of Gözütok Tunnel Formwork Systems. Our system supports the creation of suitable conditions on the construction site to ensure safe working conditions.

. With a design compliant with occupational safety standards, our system ensures the safety of your personnel during the construction process, minimizing risks.

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Tunnel Formwork System